What is a Mattress Protector?

What is a Mattress Protector (1)

A mattress protector, also commonly known as a mattress cover, is a fabric covering placed around a mattress to guard it from fluids and allergens. It is often made from a waterproof material, and is held in place by an elastic band or a zipper. Using a mattress protector can prevent mattress staining and odors, and can also minimize the level of allergens in one’s bed. Many modern mattress protectors are also machine-washable, making them easy to care for.

What Do Mattress Protectors Do?

In general, a mattress protector fulfills two main functions. First of all, it minimizes the amount of fluids, such as sweat, absorbed by the mattress. This keeps the mattress from becoming stained, and also discourages the buildup of mold and unpleasant odors. Secondly, a protector limits the amount of allergens such as dust, dead skin, pet dander, and dust mites which can penetrate the mattress below it. This function is particularly important for those with allergic conditions such as asthma or skin sensitivities.

Types of Mattress Protectors

There are two types of mattress protector, those which cover only the top and sides of a mattress and those which enclose the entire mattress. Protectors which cover a mattress’s top and sides usually resemble a fitted sheet and are held in place with a band of elastic. Those designed to encase an entire mattress are slid up over the mattress and then closed with a zipper found along the protector’s opening. Protectors which totally cover a mattress may offer superior allergen protection to partial covers, we call it mattress encasement

Mattress Protector Materials
More often, protectors are made from a waterproof material which prevents fluids and allergens from penetrating the mattress beneath them. Very inexpensive waterproof protectors can be made from rubberized or plastic materials. Many complain, however, that such materials cause them to become excessively warm during sleep. More expensive protectors are frequently made from a synthetic, hypoallergenic material which is at once waterproof and breathable.
What is a Mattress Protector (3)
Many mattress protectors are machine-washable, making them very easy to care for. It should be noted, however, that some models cannot withstand machine drying at high heat levels. To prolong the life of one’s mattress protector, it is important to follow the care instructions printed on its label.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022
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