What Are the Different Pillowcase Sizes?

When it comes to pillowcase sizes, there are several different sizes suitable for several different types of pillows, including standard bed pillows, decorative pillows, and throw pillows. Many of the decorative and throw pillows are available in an array of materials, sizes, and shapes.

Standard Pillowcase Sizes

The right pillowcase should fit over your pillow perfectly, make your bed look vibrant, and (most importantly) match your personal preference. Most manufacturers make their pillowcases a little large to accommodate variations in pillow sizes. When purchasing a pillowcase, it is always better to err on the large side to avoid the possibility that the pillowcase may be too small.

Standard: The most common pillowcase size is the standard size, also called a twin- or double-size pillowcase. A standard pillow itself measures around 20" x 26" and a twin or double pillowcase size should fit perfectly on these pillows. It's worthwhile to know that many twin or double pillowcases are made with additional fabric that gives a little leeway in sizing. A single standard pillow fits on a twin mattress, while two fit on a double or queen mattress. Standard-size pillows and pillowcases work well for sleepers who stay in the same position all night, as their head will not roll off and will remain supported throughout the night.

Queen: A queen pillowcase measures 20" x 30". This is 4 inches longer than the standard size and allows for two of these pillows to stretch perfectly across a queen-size mattress. Some queen pillows can fit into a standard pillowcase, though a queen pillowcase is best for the optimal fit. A queen pillow will also fit well on a king or California king mattress. If you are a tosser and turner, then you might want a longer queen pillow to leave enough room on either side of your head as you switch positions in the night.

What Are the Different Pillowcase Sizes2
What Are the Different Pillowcase Sizes3

King: A king pillow measures 20" x 36", 10 inches longer than a standard pillow. These pillows require much larger, king-size pillowcases; likewise, a king-size pillowcase will not fit on any other pillows. Two king-size pillows are designed to fit side-by-side across the 76" width of a king-size mattress. They are also able to fit comfortably on a California king mattress. It is possible to use two king pillows on a queen mattress, though it may be a tight fit.

Euro: Euro pillows are one of the largest pillow options available, measuring in at 26" x 26". As such, these pillows require specialized Euro pillowcases. Euro pillows were popularized in Europe, where they are used as regular sleeping pillows. In the U.S. however, Euro pillows are primarily used as decorations or supportive pillows to prop yourself up against. This pillowcase size cannot be used for any other pillow and is more often than not a decorative formality rather than a functional pillowcase to be slept on. That being said, a Euro pillowcase will still work to protect the pillow from spills and stains.

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What Are the Different Pillowcase Sizes5

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