The difference between tencel and silk

Real silk is a natural protein fiber, extracted from mulberry silk, while Tencel is taken from wood pulp fiber and produced by solvent spinning technology as a viscose fiber. Tencel and cotton yarn have the same chemical composition and retain the moisture-absorbing properties of wood. Silk is relatively more expensive and suitable for high-end products. Tencel meets people’s requirements for fabric comfort and can meet most people’s consumption ability, and is an alternative to silk. Tencel fabric fibers are used in short fibers, while the length of silk fibers is longer, so compared to the durability of tencel longer, but silk is not good maintenance, if not well maintained will also affect the service life of silk. The thermal conductivity of silk is higher than that of tencel, so the heat absorption capacity of silk is relatively high, wear silk clothes, can feel a sense of coolness, direct silk clothes in the summer than wearing tencel clothes to be much more comfortable. Silk fiber is the longest inside the natural fiber, so the woven fabric is the most soft and snug luster sense is also very good. Although TENCEL is also very soft and snug, but compared to silk or worse.

Post time: Dec-29-2021
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