Cotton mattress cover compare with Bamboo mattress cover which one is better?

Cotton mattress cover compare with Bamboo mattress cover which one is better? (1)


When we receive a brand new mattress, we must not want any stains on your mattress. If you use a waterproof mattress shield, you don’t have to worry about damaging your mattress immediately. As the name suggests, the mattress cover is specifically designed to provide additional protection for your mattress from other stains such as sweat, urine stains, food scraps, and pet saliva.

When choosing a mattress cover, you may face what kind of material, what size, what price level. This article will introduce you through the different materials of the mattress cover, allowing you to choose from the cotton mattress cover and the bamboo mattress cover which is more suitable for your budget and needs.

Bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is a kind of breathable, environmentally friendly, made of bamboo plants. In addition to being a giant panda’s favorite snack, it is used to make clothes, paper, floors, furniture and even food. But in recent years bamboo has also been widely used in the bedding and mattress industry —— which is why you can find bamboo mattresses, bamboo mattress covers, bamboo mattress protective covers as well as bamboo sheets and pillows.There are different types of mattress protectors:

  • Fitted protectors - these are pretty easy to put on as you do with a fitted sheet. Each stretchable side is supposed to go to a different corner of the mattress;
  • Elastic strap protectors - these are very similar to the fitted sheet protectors; an elastic strap is utilized to secure the protector to the mattress on all four corners;
  • Full encasement - full encasement means that the whole mattress goes inside the protector, which you then secure with zip or velcro straps. These types of protectors can be a bit challenging to use because you’ll need to lift the whole mattress and put it in the encasement.

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Why You Should Use a Bamboo Mattress Protector?

Bamboo Is a Highly Breathable Fabric,Bamboo fibre is one of the most breathable materials you can find. It’s great for body temperature regulation because it helps conduct heat better and keeps the body cool during sleep. 

Bamboo Is Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic,Bamboo fabric is perfect for people prone to allergies and people who have sensitive skin. This is a result of bamboo’s natural properties—bamboo fabric protects the skin from irritation and too much friction during sleep.

Cotton Mattress Protector

As the most common textile product, cotton is one of the most popular in all fabric-related industries because it is easy to clean and is versatile, and its air permeability and practicality are more suitable than other fabrics of the same price range.

Why Is Cotton a Good Option for a Mattress Protector Fabric?

Easy to Clean,cleaning cotton is really easy—you just toss it into the machine, and that’s it. You can often wash it at high temperatures, although you should always read the label before doing so. Cotton can shrink with multiple washes, but it depends on what temperature you’re washing it and how you dry it.

Very Durable Material,cotton is generally considered to be durable, resistant to frequent wear and tears, although this also largely depends on the type and quality of the cotton used.

Which Is Better – Bamboo or Cotton Mattress Protector?

Cotton mattress cover compare with Bamboo mattress cover which one is better? (2)


Bamboo mattress protectors are becoming more and more desirable nowadays. They’re good for the environment, don’t require the use of pesticides, have a really smooth, silky feel, and can be super soft and really comfy to sleep on.

Cotton textiles as the most cost-effective textile fabrics is the most acceptable to the price is also the most suitable for ordinary families home textile preferred fabric.

Because of the advantages of cotton mattress cover and bamboo mattress cover and the applicable degree is not the same, facing the consumer group is also different, so it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

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