Hotel height Adjustable Shredded memory foam pillow fiber polyester pillow with washed cotton pillow cover

Material Polyester, 100% cotton
Size 48*74cm
Thread Count 180TC,200TC,230TC,300TC
Usage Home, Outdoor, Garden, Beach, Sofa, Chair and so on.
Printing Can be stamped, screen, printed, embossed, flocked, embroidered with customer’s Logo

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Pillow Insert Size Chart(inch/cm)

Pillow Insert

Pillow Case

18’’x30’’ 45cmx75xm 21.5’’x33.5’’ 55cmx85cm
20’’x28’’ 50cmx70cm 23.5’’x31.5’’ 60cmx80xm
20’’x32’’ 50cmx80cm 23.5’x35.5’’ 60cmx90cm
20’’x35.5’’ 50cmx90cm 23.5’’x39.5’’ 60cmx100cm

Cushion Insert

Cushion Cover

18.9’’x18.9’’ 48cmx48cm 17.7’’x17.7’’ 45cmx45cm
20.9’’x20.9’’ 53cmx53cm 19.7’’x19.7’’ 50cmx50cm
24.8’’x24.8’’ 63cmx63cm 23.6’’x23.6’’ 60cmx60cm
13’’x24.8’’ 33cmx33cm 11.8’’x23.6’’ 30cmx30cm

Detailed Introduction

Luxury Soft pillow waterproof anti-mite anti allergic polyester custom memory 3D pillow (1)

Double Stitched Seam
Tightly double-stitched for longer wear and leakage prevention

Softness and Smooth
Mildew Resistant
Breathable and Healthy
Allergen and Chemical Free


Superior construction and attention to detail create  the perfect foundation for the ultimate sleep experience, with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship to provide you with years of comfort, softness and beauty

Exceptional Quality
We use luxurious materials and state-of-the-art technology to craft our products and give each product the attention it deserves.



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Washing Instructions


Our Service

We can provide customized sizes and packaging according to customers needs.

You can choose our designs, also you can directly send your designs to us.

Customized Logo and Label are accepted, you can send them to us.

Contact us to discuss more, we will do our best in every detail.

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The structure of the pillow

Pillow is generally composed of two parts: the pillow core and pillowcase. Pillow cores need filling materials, so that the pillow in use to maintain a certain height, the current pillow market filling materials are diverse, including Chinese herbs such as cassia seeds, wild chrysanthemum, silkworm sand; cereals such as buckwheat hulls, grain bran, cotton; there will be corncob, bushy down, waste tea, etc. as material filling, in addition to the use of modern technology to process the production of materials such as porous vacuum cotton, slow rebound sponge, etc. are in the market popularity Very high filler materials. Valley pillowcase has three most basic styles: ordinary one piece package type, Oxford type (equipped with flat edge) and embellished edge type. All three types of pillowcases have a fixed pillow inner seal, so that there is no need to implement some reinforcement measures on both sides. Cotton, cotton polyester and rayon can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is pure cotton fabric, breathable and moisture-absorbent, and does not irritate the skin.

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