Bulk White 100% polyester throw Pillow insert 45cm x 45 cm

Material Linen
Size 40*40cm, 45*45cm
style square
Application Bedding, decorative, body, hotel, travel
Feature Colorful, warm &soft,suitable for travel use &easy to carry

Product Detail

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Pillow Cases Size(inch/cm)

Double 21’’x30’’ 50cmx76cm
Twin 21’’x30’’ 50cmx76cm
Full 21’’x30’’ 50cmx76cm
Single 21’’x30’’ 50cmx76cm
Queen 21’’x30’’ 50cmx76cm
King 24’’x39’’ 60cmx100xm
Super King 24’’x39’’ 60cmx100xm

Detailed Introduction


1.Suitable for couch, sofa,bed, car,seat, window seat, loveseat, living room, bed room, floor, bench, office, café ect.

2.Hidden zipper closure, better looking and easier to fill your pillow insert.


3.100% durable cotton linen material, Skin friendly to you and your family.


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pack (3)

Washing Instructions


Our Service

We can provide customized sizes and packaging according to customers needs.

You can choose our designs, also you can directly send your designs to us.

Customized Logo and Label are accepted, you can send them to us.

Contact us to discuss more, we will do our best in every detail.

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Pillowcase purchase

First, see: look at the surface of the cushion cover whether there is color difference, wrinkles, cushion cover pattern is clear, uniform color.

Second, touch: after seeing, you can feel the cushion cover with your hands, feel whether its texture is good, the cushion cover is consistent with the thickness of the thin.

Third, smell: this is very important, if the cushion cover has a bad smell, it is likely to be formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances content is high.

Four, rub: you can cut a small sample of the cushion cover, wipe the cushion cover with a wet cloth to see if there is the phenomenon of decolorization.

How to choose the color of the product

Light tone of the sofa is appropriate to choose light pink, pink green and other elegant floral fabric; for dark-toned furniture, dark green, dark blue and other colors are superior.

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